The Next Generation Scheduler Wizard

I love the Seinfeld episode; ‘The Wizard’ where Jerry gifts his retired father a wizard organiser. Despite sporting contemporaneously modern technical functions like email and daily planner, Morty just loves the calculator function enabling him to leave a precise tip. Luddite Morty was not. Those early PDAs where clumsy, difficult to operate and very slow. And this is the exact position that the scheduling industry is in right now. Certainly there is substantial adoption of scheduling products in various niches with the likes of mindbodyonlineand shedul dominating the beauty niche, and players like setmore, ptminder and bookedin owning the personal training niche. The gaps are filled with services like calendly, timely, simplybookme, appointly, scheduleonce, acuity and youcanbookme.

However, what is abundantly clear is that the lack of mass take up of these services suggests that we are still living in an age of the Casio DC-2000, that is best used as a calculator, rather than the age of the iPhone, which Morty would have taken to as surely as George’s hair recedes throughout the seasons.