Top 15 Productivity Apps That Will Help You Make More Money

Making money is the ultimate goal most entrepreneurs have. Yet it is easy to forget that, when you are faced with a choice of thousands of tools that offer time saving, optimizing and simplifying methodologies. At the end of the day, you need to find the right tools for the right jobs and organisations. Here are our top 15 picks of tools that we think most people should not go without.


NEWOLDSTAMP offers expertise in creating email signatures. Their signature generator works across all major email platforms, including Thunderbird, Yahoo, Mac Mail, Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook. Their signature editor helps you build your own custom-made signature by following a few simple steps, not requiring HTML skills of you, allowing you to create elaborate signature layouts, adding logos, images, social media links as well as promotional banners. All you have to do is select out of a wide variety of templates, add your contact information, and export the signature to your email clients. With awesome analytics that capture views, opens and clicks, newoldstamp brings marketing technology to your signatures.

Mail-Signatures By CodeTwo

For enterprise-level support and self hosted Outlook or Exchange Server email signatures you cannot go past the support and experience CodeTwo brings. Bringing all the features you would expect from a good online signature builder with a thoroughly tested cross platform compatible range of signature templates. Code Two lets you implement email signatures even for large organizations through central management services, helping to roll out signatures without placing the burden on the end user.


Even though you might think from this name, that MyLiveSignature would provide HTML signatures, what they actually do is provide a service that generates cursive font signatures or actually drawn signatures for your email or contract signing use.  This is a really nice touch to include in your email signatures, making them much more personal. Building to build rapport cannot be underestimated. It is the trust, friendliness and person-ability that will make the difference between a cold and a hot lead.

Google calendar

Google calendar offers its users the ability to create as well as edit events. You can set reminders for events according to their dates and times. The locations of the events can additionally be added. You can also invite other users to your events. You can control the visibility of special events in your calendar, events like birthdays. The app automatically retrieves the birthdays of your contacts and displays them in your calendar. It also displays holidays and the special dates according to your country. The app also extracts information from your Gmail messages and adds them to your calendar where applicable. It also recommends locations, contacts and titles while creating events.

Office 365 calendar

The Office 365 calendar is equally as useful as google calendar, allowing you to add events like meetings and appointments to your Outlook web app. You can keep trach of you events and share and link your calendar with others.


Zapier can connect more than a thousand web apps, apps such as MailChimp, Slack and Gmail, enabling them to work together for you. It automates tasks, taking them to the background, so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you. It allows you to connect apps, moving information between them, automating repetitive tasks, without requiring you to know coding, saving you effort and time.


Cogsworth allows you to schedule meetings with your clients according to your availability, avoiding double bookings, unnecessary back and forth and missed opportunities. Every email client and email signature can't go without a cogsworth link. Cogsworth adds booking functionality and ability for you to convert the thousands of people you email regularly into customers.


Things is a great to-do app for people who have a lot to handle. It’s fast and easy to use, offering features that help keep you organized. It’s simple to learn, and its keyboard shortcuts make your life that much easier. It is available on OS X and iOS.


Trello is the ultimate tool for project management. Once you start using the KANBAN system of cards and columns, you begin to view every task, every project as a series of cards and checklist items. Use it with zapier to make it send and receive data from any number of other applications that you use, Assign tasks, set due dates, add labels and upgrade unlock a suite of calendar features and power-ups.


OmniFocus is a complex app, rich in features, allowing you to sort and filter your work in a wide variety of different ways, showing you only what you need to do at that particular moment. It is available on OS X and iOS. This app syncs with your calendar and maps and is a clear winner for on the fly tasks. Definitely useful for on the move sales people and entrepreneurs.


This app is great for people who use plenty of devices. It is also available on the web and has browser extensions. It can also integrate with email clients, including Gmail and outlook, offering other services, like Dropbox and Google Maps. It is available on Android and iOS. Todoist is an extremely popular app with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who are focused on execution and just getting things done. Todoist helps you plan what you need to do in an easy digestible way and is extremely satisfying to use when you have achieved what you have set out to do.


This app is ideal for those who collaborate often, needing to share tasks with friends and co-workers. It is available on Android and iOS. Great way of brainstorming and sharing ideas, and assigning tasks to staff, offshore workers and vendors.


Clear is a simple to-do reminder app, and wonderful to look at. It reminds you of your daily tasks in a picturesque manner. It is available on OS X and iOS. It is definitely worth experimenting with different methodologies to keep you motivated and executing against your goals. Clear is a simple app that gets out of your way.


This is a colorful to-do list app that rewards you when you complete your tasks and warns you when you fail to do so. It’s good for adding a bit of color to what are otherwise dry and humdrum daily exercises. It is available on iOS.

Google Keep

It is a simple bulletin board for your tasks, available on the web, iOS and Android. Awesome for syncing ideas and notes from your phone to your desktop.



TMetric is an accurate time and money tracking app where you can see your daily tasks, monitor activity, and keep your project budget and duration under control. The app automatically tracks time after you start the timer, records the apps and websites you visit while working on a task, and integrates with 50+ other tools. It's also possible with TMetric to configure payroll to make sure you pay your employees properly and bill the clients in time.