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Attract more students/clients or turn casual attendees into regulars. Our class scheduling software is a must-have for instructors, trainers, studios and coaches who are tired of building Excel spreadsheets or messing around with online calendars and need to capture signed up students more easily. If you're looking for the best group booking software, you're in luck. We can help you maximize your total income with group classes and weekend workshops.

Control Class Capacity & Take Payments

Create services that set the maximum number of attendees, the staff and resources that are required and take payment through Stripe or PayPal. Then you can easily embed your online calendar on your website and social that shows your rolling availability online for your students or customers to book. Once booked, invites are sent out and reminder emails and SMS can also be configured easily.

Control Class Capacity & Take Payments

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View Staff Schedules

Coordinate staff and resource rosters and working hours with your class bookings easily. Cogsworth will prevent double bookings and also send your staff confirmation of appointments, reminders and will even update their personal calendars with the class information. So all your staff have to do is just show up!
View Staff Schedules
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder about your appointment with [Staff] at [Date and Time] at [Location].
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Mark Attendance & Add Notes

Schedule and track attendees and students that turn up to classes and courses. Add notes and custom fields like grades that are stored as a customer record. Cogsworth also gives your students the ability to give you feedback about their experience with your staff and services. Service ratings are aggregated and comments can be drilled into. Spend less time on administering the business and get more information that will help you grow your business!

Mark Attendance & Add Notes

Frequently asked questions

How to scheduling buffers works?
Simply create a single or recurring class, set class capacity, assign staff and location and then set how much notice time you business needs between appointments to get ready for the upcoming class. You can control buffers before or after appointments as well as time inrements upon which appointments can be booked. Cogsworth automatically adjusts to the roster and working hours of your staff and available resources.
Can I display or hide the number of remaining seats avaiable in the class?
You can control whether or not you would like a number to display next to each bookable time slot. This number will decrease from the maximum class capacity you set until there is no availability. However, you can also decide to hide this number.
Can I export my class appointments?
You can export appointments from your group classes into a CSV (excel file) or directly connect our group scheduling tool to your other online tools using Zapier or webhooks.
Do you support virtual and physical classes?
Yes, Cogsworth supports both virtual and physical classes. Offer virtual classes that let attendees join in the conversation via Zoom, Google meet or any video meeting of your choice. Similarly, you can host webinars in real time too. Alternatively, you can elect to host physical classes that are gather in a location of your choice such as Google Maps address.
Is there a maximum number of people who can attend the class?
There is no maximum limit to the number of people that can join your class.
Can I schedule recurring classes?
Reschedule the appointments of your students and attendees in a couple of clicks. If you need to change the time of the class, simply adjust the time and date in the backend. You can even control the staff and location of the class. Once you have made your changes, all of your attendees will receive updated native calendar invites as well as notification emails and SMS.
Can staff coordinate schedules?
Staff schedules can be controlled by logging into Cogsworth, clicking on their profile and then setting working hours and rosters. Staff who are admin can swap classes or can request admin to do so.
How are you different from other class scheduling apps?
Cogsworth focuses on user experience of customers when it comes to class appointments. Did you know that on average it takes 38 seconds for your customer to book an appointment with you using Cogsworth? Our conversion rate is over 45% and we are constantly adding more features and building tools that will help you run your business schedule more easily.
Can schools use Cogsworth?
Schools, universities and colleges tend to favour Cogsworth because of our high encryption standards as well as ease of use and flexibility. Schools use Cogsworth to setup parent-teacher meetings, one on one professor and student catchups, class attendance as well as interdepartmental meetings. Cogsworth is competitively prices, fast and easy to integrate with existing systems.
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Cogsworth Class Scheduling Software & Group Bookings is a online booking software that empowers clubs, organizations, gyms, studios, schools and workshops to market their space online, accept payments & manage events. It’s a powerful way to connect with your clients, members and audience.
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