Get Appointments Straight Into Your Iphone Calendar With Cogsworth Sync

How do you get appointments into your Icalendar securely, without sharing your entire calendar? With the Cogsworth appointment booking tool, you can simply sync your Apple Calendar. Then set bookable times or services to be available to your clients, partners or colleagues via a secure website link. When appointments get booked, they are written straight into your Apple Calendar, and Cogsworth will prevent double bookings by blocking out times when you are busy.

Block Off Appointment Times

The biggest challenge with creating meetings and appointments in Ical is coordinating your free time with the free time of whomever you want to meet with. Cogsworth syncs with your Apple Calendar in 15 minute increments, reading your busy slots and only displaying times based on your preferences and availability. Whether you set your availability on an ongoing basis (such as if you are running a service based business) or an adhoc basis, where you just want to quickly find a time that works.

Block Off Appointment Times

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Sync As Many Apple, Google or Microsoft Calendars as You Want

If you have multiple calendars that you juggle and just want to find viable slots between your busy times in your Google and Apple calendar for example, Cogsworth can do that! You can sync as many calendars as you want, and Cogsworth will only show the interstitial times to your booking buddy!
Sync As Many Apple, Google or Microsoft Calendars as You Want
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder about your appointment with [Staff] at [Date and Time] at [Location].
Example text reminder template

Set Reminders and Avoid No-Shows

One of the most frustrating things about meetings is when people run late, or worse, don't show up at all! With Cogsworth you can set email and text message reminders that can be configured to go out with your message people with whom you are meeting in your Apple calendar. Set reminders to go out weeks, days, hours or minutes before your meeting to ensure they turn up!

Set Reminders and Avoid No-Shows

Frequently asked questions

Will Cogsworth work on my Mac Ical or just on my Iphone calendar?
Both. Your apple calendar is shared between all of your Apple devices. Once you have the sync set-up Cogsworth will read and write from your Icalendar from all of your devices (provided they have an internet connection).
How do I control the meeting durations that display to people who visit my booking page?
Just because Cogsworth knows when you are free, does not mean that it will display those times publicly. You can control working hours, set buffers between appointments, add minimum notice time, time increments and much more! Your Icalendar is just the beginning of your booking journey.
Can I create a booking form that people have to fill in before they get to schedule a meeting with me?
Unlike appointments made on the fly, with Cogsworth you can make sure you have the information that you need. Whether you need to know the location or want to set it, or if you would like to know the person's name, phone number or any other piece of salient information. Simply create a question that people will need to answer before being able to make a booking with you.
Can my staff see my Apple calendar availability?
None of your staff members will be able to see your appointments. Admin staff do have the ability to see when you are busy or free. You can control which staff are admin and which have restricted permissions.
Can I edit what the Ical invite looks like?
Yes, Cogsworth provides you with an invite template which you can customize and dynamically insert the person you are meeting with name into the calendar subject for example, and the location in the location area of the calendar. You control the text and the formatting.
How do Ical appointment reschedules work?
Each calendar invite can have a "reschedule" link that will take users to a web page where you can let them request a reschedule to another time. Rescheduled appointments get Icalendar invites re-issued and rescheduled.
Can I control the maximum number of appointments that I get on my Iphone calendar?
Cogsworth allows you to set advanced buffers and limits on the number of appointments you can get in any given period of time.
What if I only want to create adhoc meetings not ongoing services?
You can easily do so with Cogsworth Adhoc appointments seen here
Can I accept appointments for my business using my Iphone?
Yes, you can set the services that you want to be bookable on your Iphone, set their durations and you can even accept payments!
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Automated text & email reminders that reduce no-shows & last minute cancellations.

The Cogsworth Ical integration allows you to view your busy slots along side all your other calendars. But that's not all. You can also add layers of bookable services on top of your free slots. This is extremely useful if you want to quickly create a link with your free times for a quick meeting, or if you want to create a bookable service with running availability. Either way, your appointments will be added directly to your Apple calendar.
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