Future features (loose road-map)

This is a collation of features that have been requested, please comment any ones that you don't see here.

Here are just some of the more frequently requested minor features. For major features, please see the roadmap.

  • Make me look more busy than I really am - randomly
  • Facebook pixel - DONE Feb 2019
  • Thank you page redirect - DONE Jan 30 2019
  • UTM parameters
  • Not asking phone as a compulsory field - DONE Jan 30 2019
  • Forms with conditional logic (forms for services)
  • Back button on forms for each stage of booking- DONE Feb 2019
  • Descriptions for fields in booking page - DONE Feb 2019
  • Schedule for hours, days and weeks not just minutes
  • Capping daily appointments
  • Before and after appointment buffer - DONE Jan 30 2019
  • Service available times - DONE

This is discontinued - please see http://help.cogsworth.com/faqs/the-cogsworth-development-roadmap for current roadmap