Do you run a Vet clinic that needs to automate the way customers schedule time with you?

How much time does your VET practice spend on administering appointments and client management? Now you can automate the way your customers make appointments with you, so you can focus on growing your clinic.

How do new, prospective VET customers find you? Google or Facebook right? Then what happens? Do they need to call or email you to make a VET booking? How long does that take? What happens if the reception is empty or if the call goes to voicemail? What do you suppose will happen to that customer? Now imagine, a booking platform for VET appointments so sophisticated and easy to use that new customers need only select a time that they see you are available, and then make the booking on their own. Imagine how many more new customers you will get that way. And sure, existing customers have a great relationship with you, but imagine sending out an SMS to them telling them that they too can now reserve their pets with your VET clinic in seconds...

Simple & Powerful

Save time and money on the admin of booking new and repeat customers.

You can create different bookable services for different customer cohorts of your VET practice. For example, image that for new clients, you let them book a 30 minute initial consultation online with or without a paid deposit. For existing customers you can offer a range of regular services such as pet vaccinations, checkups, teeth cleans etc that can be booked online. Add buffers and notice time to ensure you do not put too much pressure on yourself.

Integrate your booking page with your Veterinary practice management software.
It is easy to integrate your Cogsworth VET booking system in with your VET practice management system, so that all of your VET appointments and client data gets automatically send and synced to your master records. You can also automatically send appointment reminders and requests for reviews.
Set confirmation and reminder emails and texts to go out to customers weeks, days, hours or minutes before their VET appointments to ensure they turn up. Reduce your VET no-show rate by up to 60%.

Create your own 'book now' button

Turn your website into an appointment netting engine by embedding a Cogsworth booking button straight into your site. No special code required. Works with every website builder.

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Booking scheduling &  intake forms

Gather information about your customers as they are booking with you. Ask the important questions and manage expectations.

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Email & text customer communication

Create custom email and SMS notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows.

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Staff and resource availability

Add as many staff and resources to your business as you want then set their working hours, breaks and shifts.

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Calendar Sync

Two way sync between your Google, Apple or Outlook calendars. This means you can never be double booked when you are busy. And all of your appointments get automatically added to your calendar or that of your staff.

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Advanced, yet simple scheduling features

Zoom and google meet logo for appointment scheduling
Google Meet, Zoom &
Generate unique video meeting links or use a protected virtual meeting room.
Zapier appointment scheduling
Zapier, Webhooks & API
Integrate your system with Cogsworth, exchange information & create custom integrations.
Stripe and Paypal bookings scheduler
PayPal & Stripe payments
Enable payments from your customers before appointments are scheduled.

Happy Customers

How Cogsworth works

Add as many staff and resources to your business as you want then set their working hours, breaks and shifts.

Cogsworth appointment scheduler