Operate a public or private laboratory?

Allow patients and customers to book time to deliver and pick-up samples.

Keep track of equipment

Do you rent out equipment or allow for it to be booked by staff or external parties. Now your equipment can become bookable to avoid double bookings and over-bookings.

Technician availability

Manage, casual, full time and lab technicians' bookable hours. You can even create teams with combinations of multiple technicians and equipment availability at the same time,

Buffers & notice time

Create buffers between lab appointments to tidy up, clean and disinfect equipment. Schedule in automatic cleans and non bookable periods.

Email & SMS

Automatically confirm & remind lab appointments via email and SMS.

Customer records

Track your patients and customers and integrate with your existing systems.

Multiple locations

Support multiple labs, locations, staff, working hours and teams anywhere in the world. Fully translatable.


Easy to use & lots of support

Laboratories are hard enough to run. Between having to adhere to rigorous standards, maintain sterility and aseptic standards and be customer facing at the same time is hard. You don't need to spend hours on end studying manuals and troubleshooting programs. Cogsworth is super easy to use, you can set it up in half an hour, or let one of our professionals do it for you. It's always there if you need it, on your mobile or desktop. Make your lab techinicians and lab equipment bookable now.
  • Get customers booking in to pick up samples their own through your website 
  • Easily see your staff availability, upcoming tests and appointments through our dashboard or through your own syncronized calendar
  • Save time and money on administration and pesky paper calendars or old systems
  • Forecast your lab workload and staff load.

Have multiple types of customers?


Beautifully designed & easy to use for you and your customers

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How Cogsworth works

Getting started is super easy! You can get set-up in under 15 min. It's free to try and there are no credit cards required to get started. Would you like to try Cogsworth and see if it is the right fit for your business?
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