Telehealth practice management software for clinics, general practices and telemedicine specialists.

Covid-19 has transformed how general practitioners and medical clinics practice medicine. Patients expect simple, secure and convenient remote clinical interactions. Your clinic’s tele-consults need to be as effective as in-person interactions.

Patient engagement is key to patient retention and loyalty. With integrated video, smart scheduling and note-taking abilities, you can provide your patients with the continuity of quality medical care and advice. As your practice grows, you can seamlessly manage multiple providers, shifts, working hours and secure patient access.

44% of patients say they would switch to practitioners that offer telehealth.

Build effective and sustainable revenue streams for your clinic

Clinics often convert 25% of patients in their practice into loyal telemedicine visitors as well as attract record numbers of new patients. This reduces the costs of servicing patients, as well as allowing you to take payment up front and build a thriving practice. Expand your practice, without the expensive associated footprint costs. Maximize the clinic space by building your telemedicine practice.

Patient engagement on autopilot

With complete patient self-scheduling, appointment reminders and post-appointment follow-up messages, Cogsworth clinics reduce no-shows by over 30% & increase loyalty by 25%+.

Receive ongoing support

From implementation, customization and setup, Cogsworth supports our customers with timely Partner Success Specialists to make sure you get value for your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my existing patients into the telehealth system?

Yes, you can import all your existing patients and customers by way of a CSV. You can carry over your existing notes and maintain a single customer view.

What payment methods are supported?

Credit cards and PayPal are payment options available during the online booking process. You can also connect other post-appointment payment gateways.

What is the process for converting my clinic patients to have telemedicine?

Cogsworth provides email and engagement templates that will promote your new telemedicine booking page to your patient database and website channels. We help you organize your digital footprint to maximize telehealth consults.