Secure, scalable and flexibleappointment scheduling softwarefor hospitals.

Large, multi-provider hospital facilities can effectively engage in and outpatients with appointment scheduling services. With extensive staff onboarding, training and guided implementation consulting, Cogsworth seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.

Accommodating multi-specialty practice groups, Cogsworth easily and securely manages staff schedules, locations, secure video links as well as patient records.

Advanced staff permissions and reporting provide hospital administrators with unparalleled control and insight.

Outpatient follow-up appointment scheduling has decreased morbidity and mortality rates by over 20%

Enterprise level control and permissions

Create administrator and practitioner roles with access privileges and logging to lock down access and maintain control.

Granular reporting capabilities

Ensure clinical governance and glean insights from telehealth appointments at a staff, appointment and organizational level.

Strengthen patient engagement and outcomes

Modern convenient telehealth experiences for outpatients create loyalty and positive experiences as well as reduce morbidity and mortality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What consulting is offered to onboard our hospital?

Cogsworth offers initial training and onboarding as well as implementation assistance with your existing systems. Additionally, Cogsworth provides staff with training sessions and continuous education schemes.

How will I be able to measure the efficacy of telemedicine in our hospital?

We recommend the benchmarking of core metrics like NPS as well as morbidity and mortality metrics prior to the installation of the Cogsworth telemedicine system. That way, periodic surveys and ongoing measurements can be taken for comparison reasons.

How long does implementation take?

Depending on the extent of integrations and the number of staff members required for training, Cogsworth can be implemented in a hospital as quickly as within a month.