Grow your monthly recurring revenue and add tremendous value to your customers.

Web developers & implementation companies
Whether you manage a few clients or run a platform with a few million customers; Cogsworth is easy to setup, integrate and demonstrate to your customers.
Marketing & sales agencies
So you run SEO, SEM, buy media, analytics or strategy for your customers? With Cogsworth you can measurably demonstrate appointments and ROI on marketing spend.
Marketplaces & directories
If you are in the game of delivering bookings, Cogsworth can help you send real-time appointments to your customers when you know they have capacity to accept work.
Consultants, advisors & coaches
Is your game all about optimizing businesses in a specific niche or industry? Now you can bring the power of real time availability and advanced scheduling software to your customers.
Add real value to your clients

The demand for self scheduling is enormous and highly varied, yet so many customers forego the use of an online scheduling tool that will help them increase new customer conversion rates and lifetime loyalty. If you customers are in the service provision industry, chances are they could benefit from Cogsworth.

Build a recurring revenue stream

Regular recurring revenue is the ideal end-state of many businesses. By becoming a Cogsworth partner you unlock a source of ongoing recurring revenue and value add to your customers. Set your customers up on Cogsworth, integrate them, onboard and support them, roll out add-ons and optimize their appointment conversions.

Distinguish yourself from your competition

Engage prospects, customers new and old with strategies to increase their appointments. Differentiate yourself by becoming an expert in online scheduling. Build a resilient business buffered from the peaks and valleys of hourly billing cycles.


Keep track of your recurring commissions


Why re-sell Cogsworth?

  • Create a monthly recurring revenue stream

  • Improve client retention and new client conversion

  • Deliver measurable results and demonstrate ROI

  • Cogsworth has got your back with support and constant feature iteration

Serving customers in 140+ countries

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