Add an Appointment Booking Widget to Your Website

You want to provide appointment booking services, but you're finding it hard to embed a booking calendar on their website. Without a booking calendar your website is not an ideal place to conduct the majority of business. Solution: By embedding Cogsworth's widget onto your site, you can give your visitors and customers the ability to schedule appointments online with your business (saving everyone time).

Display your booking calendar on your website

Your business calendar is always evolving, staff rosters are shifting, appointments are being made and holidays needs to be taken into consideration. With Cogsworth, you can create specific services that your customers can select through your calendar widget. Cogsworth also prevents double bookings with real time calendar syncronization with your staff calendars.

Display your booking calendar on your website

Widgets Work on Wordpress, Wix, Weebly or Wherever Your Website Lives.

No need for calendar plugins, addons or extensions. Cogsworth works really simply, by giving you a calendar code snippet, that you can paste on your website without any technical expertise required. Once your widget is installed, your visitors can check availability of your staff, services and resources in real time, and secure appointments online.
Widgets Work on Wordpress, Wix, Weebly or Wherever Your Website Lives.
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder about your appointment with [Staff] at [Date and Time] at [Location].
Example text reminder template

Translate your booking page into your language.

Cogsworth support every language. You can completely customize the wording of your booking widget and localize it to your audience.

Translate your booking page into your language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set appointment approvals?

Yes, you can set appointments to either go through automatically, or you can make it so that the business admin or the staff member that is to be booked is required to approve the appointment before calendar invites are sent.

Can I create a 'book now button'?

Yes, you have several options of how you can embed the Cogsworth calendar widget on your website. Option 1 is to simply embed the widget in an iframe, which will display in-line. Option 2 is to embed booking button code that can hover on a page or every page of your website. And option 3 gives you the ability to simply link to a Cogsworth calendar from inside your website.

Can I install a book now button on my Facebook, Instagram and Google?

Yes you can, all you have to do is copy the link to your booking page into your profile, and you will be able to easily start accepting appointments from your social profiles.

What can I setup to be booked using my booking widget?

Many people use Cogsworth to book appointments with clients, demos and consults. However, Cogsworth is also being used for rentals and reservations of rooms, hotels, tools, cars, boats etc. You can even conduct team meetings where multiple availabilities are required in order to conduct a reservation.

Will appointments be added to our Google calendar appointment slots?

Cogsworth syncs with your calendar and can read when you are busy (and will not allow people to double book you) and can automatically add appointments booked through your Cogsworth booking page into your calendar. Any appointments in your Outlook or Google calendar that were generated by Cogsworth will automatically come with email and SMS notifications.

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