Google Scheduling Tool Integrating With Gmail Calendar

Your Google, Outlook and Apple calendars can now be shared with your clients! No more back and forth scheduling. Let your visitors choose their slots, you click to approve them. It's that simple. Save time and look like a pro and focus on growing your business.

Simple calendar scheduling from your website or right from your email

Cogsworth syncs to your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar, pulls in your busy slots, then offers free, bookable slots to your clients to book based on your settings and preferences. You can even create links with available bookable times on the fly right out of your Gmail our Outlook, by using the Cogsworth Adhoc Chrome Extension.

Simple calendar scheduling from your website or right from your email

Automate your business text message & reduce no-shows

When customers make appointments with your business, that is just the beginning of their journey. Cogsworth lets you send completely automated confirmation SMS, reminder SMS months, weeks, days, hours or minutes before the appointment.
Automate your business text message & reduce no-shows
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder about your appointment with [Staff] at [Date and Time] at [Location].
Example text reminder template

Embeddable time slots right from your email

If you want to send your availabilities to your contacts in an email, all you have to do is head to the Cogsworth Chrome extension, select your available times, set the duration and location, then generate your bookable links that you can copy to your clipboard and simply paste into the body of your email. Your contacts will simply be able to click a time that works for them and secure time with you and your business.

Embeddable time slots right from your email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log into my Google Calendar every time?

All you have to do is sync your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar one time, and Cogsworth will take it from there. Cogsworth will securely pull your busy slots from your calendar and insert the times that you are busy back in. All of this is done automatically!

Will this work on my Google calendar for mac?

Yes, your Mac calendar is synced in the cloud, as is Cogsworth. So whenever you make local changes on your mac, they are propagated to the cloud where Cogsworth can access them. Similarly, any appointments you get from Cogsworth are also written to the cloud, after which they are written to your Mac or Windows machine.

Can Cogsworth look at my other Gmail shared calendars?

Yes, Cogsworth can look at as many calendars as you need. Whether they are Gmail, Outook or Apple. You can sync all of your systems up to have one unified booking platform.

Can I customize the appointment invite template.

Yes, you can use any information that you have gathered during the booking process to personalise the invitation name and body. These can include the customer name, location, phone number and any other answers to questions you have asked.

Can I set reminders to go out automatically for appointments scheduled?

Yes you can. Cogsworth gives you the ability to send email and SMS messages months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before AND after the appointment. You can create your own templates, and you can remind your staff as well as customers too!

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