Do you operate a school department or are you in charge of staff scheduling?

Easily accept online or physical appointments for admission interviews, school tours, parent teacher meetings, student counselling, conferences and information sessions.

As a school, there are multiple stake holders and varied types of appointments that you need to orchestrate. The old fashioned back and forth takes up far too much time and resources and results in a sour experience for everyone involved. Consider just how much time a teacher or coordinator would need to spend sending emails, answering phone calls and texts.

Cogsworth is an easy to use web based school scheduler that allows you to securely create staff booking pages, create bookable services and share those links with people that need to make those bookings. In a school self scheduling model, appointments and bookings are organized automatically without fuss. There are no double bookings and only dedicated hours for appointments for staff can be reserved.

Additionally, Cogsworth provides automatic SMS and Email school appointment reminders and notifications to reduce no-shows.

Easy school appointment scheduling for all your stakeholders with lots of support

Let's run through a number of possible school scheduling scenarios that Cogsworth could be used for at your school or college. Scheduling school tours is a really popular use of Cogsworth that leads to more school enrollments. All you need to do is create a "School Tour" service inside of Cogsworth, assign staff that can conduct the school tours, set their working hours then embed the Cogsworth booking widget on your school website or simply share it. Parents and prospective school attendees simply view available times for the school tour, then select the times that work for them, enter their information and the appointment is complete! What about scheduling parent teacher conferences? Also extremely easy to do, by creating a "Parent Teacher Meeting" service in Cogsworth and assigning teachers to it. Teachers can then control their available times and share their own school booking pages with relevant parent cohorts. Again, appointments are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the teacher and the parent. What about school counselling appointments? These are particularly sensitive because their are private and require a high level of security and legal compliance. Fortunately, Cogsworth is HIPAA compliant and will keep your student information safe and protected. All you need to do is setup a "School Counselling" service in Cogsworth, assign school counsellors to it, and share their booking page in your school intranet, on pamphlets or social media. Students who need the counselling can securely and privately make these bookings at times they know the counsellors are available.

Create various bookable school services and assign the right staff to them

Whether you need counsellors to just be able to see their student appointments, or teachers to just be able to see their parent-teacher appointments, Cogsworth provides a really easy, safe and secure, role driven booking system that caters to all of your school and inter-departmental booking needs.

Create virtual or physical school appointments

Cogsworth works with Zoom, Google Meet or any other video call service. Cogsworth can also set physical classroom meeting locations where parties need to meet.

Collect reviews and feedback from school appointments

Automatically set email and SMS follow-up to go out to parents, students and stake holders who meet with your staff to gather secure and private feedback on their interactions.

How Cogsworth works

Add as many staff and resources to your business as you want then set their working hours, breaks and shifts.

Create your own 'book now' button

Turn your website into an appointment netting engine by embedding a Cogsworth booking button straight into your site. No special code required. Works with every website builder.

Email & text customer communication

Create custom email and SMS notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows.

Booking scheduling &  intake forms

Gather information about your customers as they are booking with you. Ask the important questions and manage expectations.

Staff and resource availability

Add as many staff and resources to your business as you want then set their working hours, breaks and shifts.

Reporting & tracking

Two way sync between your Google, Apple or Outlook calendars. This means you can never be double booked when you are busy. And all of your appointments get automatically added to your calendar or that of your staff.

Advanced, yet simple scheduling features

Google Meet, Zoom &

Generate unique video meeting links or use a protected virtual meeting room.

Zapier, Webhooks & API

Integrate your system with Cogsworth, exchange information & create custom integrations.

PayPal & Stripe payments

Enable payments from your customers before appointments are scheduled.

Happy Customers

We didn't use anything like Cogsworth - we did this manually, in house. Took a ludicrous amount of time and I would not have known where to even begin looking for a tool like Cogsworth. When I started at Network I knew there was a need, but wasn't familiar with tools like Cogsworth and was too busy doing things manually to research a solution. If it wasn't for my husband casually mentioning he thought Cogsworth would be useful, I would never have known how much time we could save. I wonder if there's a market in organisations that offer training or consulting? If you need a quote or an ambassador to hit up the NFPs, I'm happy to sing your praises. Seriously, I love Cogsworth.
Taking bookings has always been a total pain for me. My life is chaotic. Trying to work out my diary is horrible. I researched a whole tonne of systems - Acuity was the runner up. But I just didn't like something about their bantery tone. You guys had good reviews. And I thought the price was fair. I LOVE your add ons. I can see how I can grow without a huge jump. And it's so incredibly intuitive. I set the whole thing up in about 6 hours.
Med Systems
We use Cogsworth for scheduling patients and have integrated it into our patient booking. Cogsworth supports a number of teleconferencing solutions for virtual appointments and allows for customization of just about every single thing the customer will ever see from you. I absolutely love the instant SMS texts when a new appointment comes in.
Makes booking easy with either assigned landing page or easily integrate into own web app. The configs are self-explanatory. Team members (under Staff) and Google calendar sync feature. Another big plus is the email signature which has a CTA to your booking page.
Cogsworth is feature-packed and so intuitive to use. Some of the features include multiple services, calendar integration, payment, buffer times, ability to select different types of meeting locations (physical location, online, etc), group bookings and the list goes on! In addition, I love how intuitive the tool is! It's easy to get setup and running FAST!
It meets all the user requirements all the automated simple requirements that the customer needs to work with when using the software... Its simply interesting and amazing