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All begins with a calendar
Works with your Google or Outlook calendar. Embeds directly into your website.
Awesome features
Set buffers between appointments, translate into your language, create recurring service, accept payments and send reminders to your customers.
Control your availability
Automatic time-zone detection, custom staff working hours, custom locations and services with a custom form builder.
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Simple booking page

On average a Cogsworth form takes 50 seconds to fill out! Imagine how easy that's going to be for your customers.

Ask your own questions

Gather information about your customers as they are booking with you. As the important questions and manage expectations.

Email & SMS notifications + reminders

Create custom email and SMS notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows. Also send your staff reminders.

Manage different businesses, staff & locations

Only certain staff can perform certain services? No problem. Make services placed in specific physical or digital locations, create and administer multiple business with different admins.

Send appointment data to any of your systems

Send customer data to your CRM, issue invoices from your accounting software, create trello cards, subscribe customers to your email list and thousands more possibilities...

How much do you value your time?
How many more appointments would you get if your customers could just do it by themselves? Then consider, how much is each appointment worth...
There's a better way to do it.
Let your customers book & pay for appointments with you and your staff. What used to take hours, now happens in seconds, automatically!
Reduction in time to schedule
Increase in resource and staff utilization
Increase in customer satisfaction
36 x
Pays for itself 36 times over. Get more appointments + spend less time.
Advanced features
Group bookings
From webinars with 200 attendees to yoga studios and events - you can setup a group bookings in minutes. Simply specify the number of "slots" you would like open in a time frame.
Teams & resources
So you need to have multiple people present at the same time? Or perhaps you need a resource like a meeting room or a car. No problem - simply add them as additional resources to a service.
Adhoc bookings
Don't want to be constantly available for bookings? No problem! Generate once off links & share them to only get booked at specific times.

“Cogsworth is heads and feet better designed and thought through than any scheduling product on the market – an absolute joy to use.”

Thomas Muhler

Marketing Agency Owner


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