Bad appointment scheduling is costing you time & money.

Unlike other schedulers, Cogsworth is a simple yet powerful booking system that wrangles multiple calendars, staff, locations, offices, teams and timezones.

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HIPAA and GDPR compliant scheduler

Incredible scheduling features

Ask your own questions

Gather information about your customers as they are booking with you. Ask the important questions and manage expectations.

Email & text reminders

Create custom email and SMS notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows.

Bookable staff & resources

Add as many staff and resources to your business as you want then set their working hours, breaks and shifts.

Sync your calendars

Two way sync between your Google, Apple or Outlook calendars. This means you can never be double booked when you are busy. And all of your appointments get automatically added to your calendar or that of your staff.

Advanced, yet simple scheduling features

Zoom and google meet logo for appointment scheduling

Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams &

Generate unique video meeting links or use a protected virtual meeting room.
Zapier appointment scheduling

Zapier, Webhooks & API

Integrate your system with Cogsworth, exchange information & create custom integrations.
Stripe and Paypal bookings scheduler

PayPal & Stripe payments

Enable payments from your customers before appointments are scheduled.
Reduction in time to schedule
Increase in resource and staff utilization
Increase in customer satisfaction
Pays for itself 36 times over. Get more appointments + spend less time

Full control of your bookings

Translate your booker system

Translatable booking pages

Translate your booking page into your own language and ask questions your own way. All languages supported.
Recurring appointments and bookings

Recurring appointments

Create loyalty and build a forward pipeline, by getting your customers to commit to repeat appointments.
Post appointment follow ups and reviews

Reviews & feedback

Send follow-up emails and SMS to get customer feedback and reviews. Improve your services and get transparency.
Scheduling back and forth

How much do you value your time?

How many more appointments would you get if your customers could just do it by themselves? Then consider, how much is each appointment worth...

Yes, you can get more appointments

By embedding Cogsworth on your website, in your landing pages, email templates and staff signatures you effectively allow current and future customers to reserve time with you and your staff members

Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

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Cheryl testimonial for scheduling
Cosmic teapot
Taking bookings has always been a total pain for me. My life is chaotic. Trying to work out my diary is horrible. I researched a whole tonne of systems - Acuity was the runner up. But I just didn't like something about their bantery tone. You guys had good reviews. And I thought the price was fair. I LOVE your add ons. I can see how I can grow without a huge jump. And it's so incredibly intuitive. I set the whole thing up in about 6 hours.
Tamara testimonial
Very useful to manage time and have organized, scheduled days and events
Shade testimonial
Cogsworth is feature-packed and so intuitive to use. Some of the features include multiple services, calendar integration, payment, buffer times, ability to select different types of meeting locations (physical location, online, etc), group bookings and the list goes on! In addition, I love how intuitive the tool is! It's easy to get setup and running FAST!
Melvin testimonial
computer geeks
Makes booking easy with either assigned landing page or easily integrate into own web app. The configs are self-explanatory. Team members (under Staff) and Google calendar sync feature. Another big plus is the email signature which has a CTA to your booking page.
Serg testimonia
simple medical practice
It meets all the user requirements all the automated simple requirements that the customer needs to work with when using the software... Its simply interesting and amazing
Pauline testimonal
We didn't use anything like Cogsworth - we did this manually, in house. Took a ludicrous amount of time and I would not have known where to even begin looking for a tool like Cogsworth. When I started at Network I knew there was a need, but wasn't familiar with tools like Cogsworth and was too busy doing things manually to research a solution. If it wasn't for my husband casually mentioning he thought Cogsworth would be useful, I would never have known how much time we could save. I wonder if there's a market in organisations that offer training or consulting? If you need a quote or an ambassador to hit up the NFPs, I'm happy to sing your praises. Seriously, I love Cogsworth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent double bookings?

By integrating your current calendar software with your online appointment scheduling software you can ensure that any appointments made outside of the system are imported into the system to ensure the staff member is shown as unavailable during those times.

Is it possible to have staff confirm appointments before the booking is finalised?

You can set Cogsworth up to allow customers to request appointments for certain dates, times and services. The staff member (or the business administrator) who has been booked will then first have to approve the request before the appointment is confirmed. Once confirmed, the invite will be sent out.

What is a booking widget?

A booking widget is an application that you can add to your website that will allow customers to book appointments with you. Typically, it takes a couple of minutes to install booking widgets on websites.

Do I need to install anything on Windows or Office?

Cogsworth is completely cloud hosted, and there is no need for you to install anything on your computer. You just need to give your web designer some instructions on how to install in on your website. You can then log into Cogsworth via the website.

When should I consider getting an appointment scheduling system?

Typically businesses opt for an appointment booking system when they have to spend more time organizing appointments than they are comfortable doing. Usually this coincides with having multiple staff and bookable resources with varying schedules.
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