How can I send surveys or notification emails after an appointment?

To gather feedback or to provide incentive?

UPDATE: As of Aug 2021, the notifications interface has been updated and now appears on the bottom of the 'Notifications' screen on the left hand side as seen below. The information on how to use this feature is still accurate in the article that follows.

UPDATE: As at Feb 2021: You can now send follow up emails and surveys straight from Cogsworth without requiring the below Zapier or webhooks.

Here is the tutorial for it

You have two choices when it comes to sending post appointment follow ups.
1. You can use our native follow-up service which works via email and SMS - as detailed below:

Simply head to notifications in the bottom left menu > scroll down and look to the right section "Post appointment followups" you can set those up

2. You can use our Zapier or webhooks to organize your own followups