How Cogsworth Works

In 6 easy steps
step 1

Set staff & resource working hours, shifts & breaks

Invite multiple staff or bookable resources such as rooms. Then set working hours and specify breaks. Control whether staff have set working hours or rolling schedules.

step 2

Create bookable services with unprecedented controls

Control which staff or resource can perform a service. Select virtual or physical locations, create group and class services, set whether appointments need approval, allow customers to invite guest and much, much more.
No other platform gives you this level of control.

step 3

Ask your own questions, that customers will answer

Gather information for first time customers, or pre-populate answers with information you know. Ask one question at a time to improve conversion. Log responses, and send them to external systems.

step 4

Sync calendars to prevent double bookings

2 way calendar sync with Google & Outlook / Office 365 means that you cannot be double booked and appointments go straight to your calendar. Or to the calendars of your staff and resource. They may never even have to log in. Pass all appointment information into the calendar invite.

step 5

Launch your booking page that converts visitors to customers

Cogsworth gets more responses because it is designed and constantly improved to get more appointments. You can embed your booking page on your website, in your social, email signature or in directories. Send advertising traffic to your Cogsworth page and watch it convert to appointments.

step 6

Set email and SMS reminders so people show

Did you know that on average 32% of appointments do not show up. Once you activate email and SMS reminders, that drops to just 7% on average. Customize your text and templates and dynamically insert locations and placeholders.


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