Telehealth practice management software for allied health professionals and clinics.

Covid-19 has transformed how general practitioners and medical clinics practice medicine. Patients expect simple, secure and convenient remote clinical interactions. Your clinic’s tele-consults need to be as effective as in-person interactions.

Whether you are a small practice or a large health clinic, you can organize your staff and resources to be bookable by your patients. Create telehealth-specific working hours, generate your booking page, then send it to your patient base or share it online.

Did you know that an automated booking scheduling tool increases revenue by 37%

Provide greater flexibility for your patients

New and existing patients can self-schedule and pay for their own appointments upfront, saving your practice hours of administration time.

Save time for yourself and your staff

Working from home is now a real possibility for allied health professionals. Whether dedicated telehealth days or on-call out-of-hours work.

Stay secure and HIPAA compliant

Telehealth appointments with a secure video link will be generated automatically based on the availability of your clinical staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start practicing telemedicine gradually and then ramp up?

Yes, that is the best part of telehealth, you can build your practice gradually, during the course of evenings, weekends and outside typical working hours.

When do you I need to start worrying about accepting medical insurance?

You can be a pure cash/credit card business for as long as you need. You can accept payments with Cogsworth when patients set out to book appointments. You can always decide to accept medical insurance at any time in the future.

Do I need a website to start accepting private clients?

Whilst you do not need a website to get started, it is helpful. You can always use the Cogsworth booking page on its own, sharing it privately via email and social, but if you would like to take patient acquisition and referrals more seriously, we do recommend investing in a simple website.