Build quality remote patient relationships with telehealth practice management software. Empowering mental health professionals and counsellors.

Remove the barriers of distance to maintain and form new relationships with patients who need your help.

Provide better mental care to your patients and remove the complexities of; appointment scheduling, video calls, reminders, recalls and payment. With Cogsworth, you can focus on your mental health practice and massively reduce administration time.

Approximately 80% of telemedicine visits are for mental care

Grow outpatient and aftercare programs

Your patients rely on you and cannot always make physical meetings. Now you can come to them virtually, wherever they are through the power of telemedicine. Improve patient adherence to treatments through automatic check-ins, reminders and follow-ups.

Create an efficient telehealth workflow

Now you can create telemedicine workflows for you and your staff with the outstanding support, security and flexibility that only Cogsworth offers. Whether you are a solo starter, or have a team of therapists, Cogsworth automates the way work schedules and patient appointments work.

Foster stronger patient connections

From staying connected through to patient outreach and campaigns transitioning your patients to telehealth, Cogsworth is there for you and your teletherapy practice, providing you a single clear picture of patient data and history.

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can I treat with telepsychiatry?

Often the same conditions can be treated with e-psychiatry and therapy as in the general practice. These include; anxiety, addictive substance disorders, depression, mood disorders, thought disorders, sleep disorders, relationship disorders and much more.

What equipment will I need for my telemedicine therapy practice?

Sessions are conducted through the Cogsworth online software. You will need a camera, computer, microphone and a strong internet connection. We also recommend a clear and quiet space within which to practice.

Will I get reimbursed for telemedicine counselling with insurance or the government?

Most countries and governments around the world have insurance and government Medicare schemes that reimburse providers. Check your region to discover the codes required to lodge payments.