Launch your flexible, digital telehealth startup practice.

Covid-19 has provided an opportunity for aspiring, ambitious health professionals to secure their place in the “new normal” world, by participating in the telehealth ecosystem. Now is the time to start a part-time or after-hours practice, build a patient base and set yourself up for success in the future.

Whether you are a full-time healthcare professional that wants to earn a little on the side, or a small clinic proprietor looking to de-risk your practice, telemedicine is a great way to build a robust, enjoyable and flexible business.

83% of patients expect to use telemedicine after the pandemic resolves

Acquire new patients, provide meaningful care and build loyalty

Build your own online presence and join existing telehealth marketplace sites while you build your client base. Work flexibly and conveniently whilst controlling your own schedule.

Reduced overheads and better ROI

Reduced costs for both patients and healthcare providers. A digital door of convenience - one entry point to a patient's health and records.

Stay secure and HIPAA compliant

It is important to ensure HIPAA adherence throughout your entire telemedicine practice. Cogsworth is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant, giving you the peace of mind to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start practicing telemedicine on the side while working full time?

Yes, that is the best part of telehealth, you can build your practice gradually, during the course of evenings, weekends and outside typical working hours.

Do I need to worry about accepting patient insurance payments?

You do not need to accept insurance at all. Especially when you are starting out. You can be a pure cash/credit card business. You can accept payments with Cogsworth when patients set out to book appointments. You can later decide to accept private health insurance.

Do I need a website to start accepting private clients?

Whilst you do not need a website to get started, it is helpful. You can always use the Cogsworth booking page on its own, sharing it privately via email and social, but if you would like to take patient acquisition and referrals more seriously, we do recommend investing in a simple website.